General Meeting Speakers/Presentations

General Meetings are held at 7pm right after the 5:30 pm Family Support Group (all are welcome) meetings which take place at: S. J. Co. Mental Health — 1212 N. California St. Suite A — Stockton, CA

September 5, 2019

Holly White, M.A., BCBA

Holly is the Executive Director of Behavioral Services for the Psychology Graduate Training Program at the University of the Pacific. She received her degree from the University of the Pacific in 2003. The Pacific Psychology Department provides a variety of community based applied behavior analysis services in public and nonpublic schools, residential facilities and family homes serving both children and adults with and without a formal diagnosis. Graduate students work in these settings to accrue the supervised experience hours they need before applying to become a Board-Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA).  Ms. White has also served on the Board of Directors for State and National Professional Organizations and has been invited to serve as a Subject Matter Expert forth the Behavior Analysis Certification Board on multiple occasions.

October 3, 2019

Speaker: To be announced.