General Meeting Speakers/Presentations

General Meetings are held at 7pm right after the 5:30 pm Family Support Group (all are welcome) meetings which take place at: S. J. Co. Mental Health — 1212 N. California St. Suite A — Stockton, CA

March  7, 2019

Dr. Scott Howard/Community Medical Centers

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Dr. Howard provides behavioral health services in a medical health center setting, and provides services for patients who have mental health needs as well as other medical needs such as dementia, obesity, homelessness, substance abuse pain management, and ADHD. 

Currently Dr. Howard works for Communitiy Medical Centers and provides his services at the following locations:

  • Channel Medical Center
  • Gleason House Clinic-Gospel Rescue Mission
  • St. Mary's Dining Hall
  • Stockton Shelter for the Homeless
Dr. Howard will share information and resources in the community as well as his insights into the needs of individuas living with mental health conditions and substance use. 
April 4th, 2019

Lei McMiller, AMFT/Associate Director Community Medical Center

Lei McMiller, AMFT_0_1.jpg

Lei McMiller is the Associate Director for the Recovery Center at the Community Medical Center (CMC) Waterloo Clinic in Stockton. CMC, Recovery Center provides the resources and support needed to help individuals cope with challenges involved in the recovery process including: full assessment for care needs, substance treatment, medication assisted treatment, housing assistance and transportation, and individual counseling. 

Be prepared for an enthusiastic and passionate presentation on the services provided by the Recovery Center! The Recovery Center is a joint collaboration between CMC and San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services. It offers a Team Whole Care Approach to mental health and substance use treatment, and fills a gap in treatment services that is much needed. Please come to learn about these new services in our county.