Community Meetings (General Meeting) Speakers/Presentations

Offered bimonthly online.

September 2021 Community Meeting

Location: Zoom
Date: September 2, 2021
Time: 6:00pm (Via Zoom)
More information to come!

May 6th Speaker

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Lara Gregorio, LCSW, has spent her career thinking about innovative ways to bring mental health care to people where, when, and how they want to receive it. Innovation has never been more necessary than it is now, as surging demands place new burdens on the mental health care system. In this presentation, Lara will discuss gaps in care, and new strategies to help the millions who are suffering.    
 Past Speaker...

Connecting in a Disconnected World-
Understanding and overcoming
adverse childhood experiences.

Presenter, Dave Lockrdge, founder and CEO of "ACE Overcomers. ACE Overcomers helps teens and adults overcome the effects of adverce childhood experiences.

Dave has trained thousands of professionals to understand and provide trauma informed care. 

His evidence based curriculum is used across the US and internationally in schools, jails, rescue missions and churches.