Family-to-Family Education Program
The NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program is a FREE, 12 session course for family & friends of individuals living with a mental illness or emotional disorder.  This course is taught by other family members who have received intensive training for its presentation.  Instruction and course materials are provided free to class participants.

The Program is Designed to Provide

  • Information about brain disorders including: Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Addictive Disorders, OCD, Panic Disorder, Dual Diagnosis, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Self-Care and coping tips for the entire family
  • Locating support and services within the community to assist in recovery
  • Up-to-date information on medications, side effects and strategies for medication adherence
  • Information on advocacy initiatives designed to improve and expand services
  • Evidence based, most effective treatments to promote recovery
  • Problem solving, listening & communication strategies
Family members of people with a mental illness often experience considerable worry, stress and the need for information and support as they try to assist their ill relative and adjust to the changes that mental illness brings to the family system.

The unique feature about the course is the fact that it is provided entirely by volunteer family members who are trained to channel their invaluable personal lived experience and use it to augment the NAMI Family.
Registration is Required

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All course materials and classes are FREE.