Pros: My EJ agent is great. I could go on further, but I know this is already a long post. (Oil and gas pipelines.) ANY FIRM is better than ED Jones. If I have a fee-based account, I’m not paying that up front sales charge anyways but I’ll still get the volume discount for dollars invested in that account as a whole. I did have a focal point at Fidelity who helped me bring things over. In the writer’s column, he list IRA fees and stock fees as additional costs and that’s a bit of a misnomer. Huge fees on every transaction compared to what you could do on your own. This is not a firm to use if you want to do a lot of trading. Ask your adviser where the dividend go’s from the dividend stocks in your fund. Small investors will also have an annual fee of $25 or so, if I remember right. I have really only recently got concerned about the fees when I started to study the statements. The historic annualized rate of return on equities is about 10% (which really doesn’t mean anything since most people don’t need that kind of return to reach their long term goals which also means they don’t need to deal with the greater volatility (ups and downs) that an all equity portfolio will entail) The average investor’s rate of return is about 5%, mostly because they make terrible emotional short term decisions and try to time the market which is consistently impossible. 10/23/2020, Cons: Good sales people, knows nothing about making money. Even if you are in a fee-based account, the advisor is still working off of commission. Declines are temporary and unavoidable and are part of your overall long term average rate of return. Take the word of a company that has been brought up multiple times in the comments section: Vanguard. He told me he had an account that paid 6 percent and if I needed the money he'd send it to my bank the next day. at this point, I probably would have done much worse.E.J. Take the time and find someone who had your interest tied to their paycheck. 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Pay attention to your statements. The fee was based on the amount of money I was giving them to invest; higher fees for less money. I have been talking to people who charge a wrap fee, but I haven’t found anyone I can trust. So in my opinion its really all dependent upon the individual investor, and not the firm in which you go with. NOT AS ADVERTISED, by karin, 1) EJ has always had an annual fee for IRA’s, unless you have over 250k invested and then the fee is waived. Say your car needs repair AND you know how to fix it. I've been pleased with the performance of the American Funds that I've been sold. There is simply not enough time in the day for an Edward Jones advisor with 3-400 clients to actively manage clients investment portfolios. I didnt want to pay him for the exact same service and options I could get completely free at fidelity (or other places). The company has more than 14,000 advisors who work with clients on a one-on-one basis to provide individual investment advice and management. by Kim S, Typically, Edward Jones assigns one financial advisor to each branch office, which is why the company has so many branches. My agent however does a special report for me monthly! Did they advise u to get out. Despite all of this I’m considering leaving EJ because of the fee increase and reading all the comments here. U will understand more what they do not do when the market starts to shake. One thing that I believe is glossed over in the article is that within EJ (and most other) fee-based accounts you pay 0 up front sales charges on mutual funds. So we ended up losing a couple of thousand dollars to their fees, while seeing very anemic growth. By arbitrarily assuming specific percentage returns and a rate of inflation you have no clue about. On the other hand, if you are guide by the latest emotions of the market and the latest trends etc then you will always lose and never get to your financial goals. More importantly, does all Edward Jones advisors add 1-2% alpha in their returns? All are doing +7% average compounded annually over the long haul (>15 years). The market is down 7% this year so far and you are mentioning “getting out”. Edward Jones takes all client complaints seriously. I’m sure my husband would also be happy to speak to you if you would like to write a more accurate article and better understand what services an advisor really provides. These are simply sales people, nothing more. Guess I didn’t have enough money in to rate his attention. Hi, Please don't invest in Edward Jones and never trust them. Confront the advisor at a meeting and he gets really mad. They charged .75% upfront to manage my money. 5/5/2017. And the fee is always part of the agreement, in fact the new account paperwork signed by the client agrees to it. That would fluctuate up or down with account balance, but let’s assume the balance stays exactly the same. The studies also show how financial advisors lag index funds (and essentially make the same mistakes). Edward Jones offers both accounts so that their clients can choose what is best for them, unlike some of their competitors that moved to a fee only service. You can find contact details for Edward Jones above.. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully … My current FA suddenly said he thought I was incompetent to manage my wealth because I told him to stop calling me day after day when he had something to sell. Cons: Not willing to work with you unless you INSIST. So many fees. 1/17/2018. I simply put everything into low-cost index funds and some high-dividend-yielding mutual funds. Vanguard’s customer service is fantastic. I’ve had the same advisor for 14 years. I think they are a good investment firm; however, they did not work for me. ARE YOU NUTS? They have zero purchase and redemption fees on most all mutual funds. Either the market is up and you make less than you should or the market is down and you lose more than you should. 2/11/2018. I would not recommend using their service to an one. 3/6/2017. By Name. Website. I’m quite certain the 1% “cost” to a trusted advisor who kept his/her clients’ allocation and emotions in check before, during, and after that time period ends up being extraordinarily valuable over the long run, even if only to navigate just these recurring fearful times. It can get into the weeds a little, but it has good ideas for the common investor. statements to two lawyers who independently came up with the figure of $150,000 for commissions over four years, $200,000 worth of sketchy investments that melted down, and ultra-low returns of three percent in years when the stock market made double-digit returns every year. For example, in 2004, Edward Jones was hit with allegations that it didn't disclose important conflicts of interest. Its more important to look your financial goals and what displine and strategy will you have to get there. I now get about 400 bucks a month and the fund has grown to 65 thousand. robo advisors and their portfolio algorithms have nothing to do with financial advising. by Helen, Minimum Deposit — There is no minimum deposit to open or maintain a brokerage account. If you have a sizeable sum of money, they will hound you, sometimes calling you several times a day. Now EJ is having to have a fiduciary relationship with its clients who have IRA(s). Read The Book: A Random Walk Down Wall Street. Horrible. Founded in 1922, Edward Jones is a St. Louis, Missouri-based full-service brokerage firm. They have fought against the new regs designed to protect consumers for years. The thing that the writer is probably most incorrect about is the fees. 1-2% annual fees are high by most standards. Making your average fee percentage, a whopping 0.2%. Kevin Mercadante is professional personal finance blogger, and the owner of his own personal finance blog. I am a 20 year plus veteran broker. We closed the account being charged a whole lot of money in fees just to do that as well. As for annual review increases, it is entirely up to the FA to rate you. (see headline above), All Corporate wants their financial advisor’s to do is to bring in new business and meet the required sales and marketing call goals. Vanguard accounts typically require lower minimum investments and have flat-rate fees, while Edward Jones requires higher … At any given time, 75% of passive funds will outperform. My family made a lot of money with EJ. Not me… I am out! Our advisor is located in New Castle Pa. and I dealt with him for years before I met him. 2019 satisfaction index (on 1,000-point scale): 656 Employee channel average: 736 2019 rank: #16 2018 satisfaction index: 618 2019 vs. 2018: +38 2018 rank: #15 They will work with your CPAs to develop specialize tax plans, your estate attorney to create the legacy that you want for your family, hold your hand through down markets to keep you from making mistakes, knowing and caring for your family, etc. I. Tom, paying 2% or more to an advisor really hammers long term returns. Even a novice like me can do better. That’s $13,500 over ten years. I took a leap of faith and trusted a broker with whom I felt comfortable with. I have been with them only about a year and based on their advice by investments have grown by a little less than thirty percent. My Father’s Heirs will certainly not consider reinvesting with any Ed Jones rep. Their in sensitivity and unfounded $300 fee will cost them many fold in future earning with us and anybody who does a little research. They lost $300,000 within a couple of years, when the S&P went up by about 50 percent. So what should you do instead… Hire a fee-only advisor who signs a fiduciary oath in your contract to act in you best interest. Pros: Best financial planner on the planet! If one assumes that this should be any part of an advisor’s value proposition, he or she is gravely mistaken. Learn about Edward Jones culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. These fees are never shown in your portfolio and are always hidden, no itemization of them at all. Do you agree? The revenue sharing program they have with the mutual fund company’s is another conflict of interest to clients. Passive funds like Vanguard consistently outperform these fee laden mutual funds that the Legion of EJ advisors are pushed to sell. 2/28/2018. Find an Advisor. what are my personal returns? Edward Jones will tell you anything and everything to get your money and your children money. Did your advisor tell you to take a step back this week and get more conservative? As for the so-called conflict of interest, I disagree, a financial adviser has two ways of getting paid, via comissions and sales charges, or a percentage of your total portfolio, usually 1 to 2% per year. If you invested $100,000 with Edward Jones and purchase American mutual funds at 4.5% front end load and an expense ratio of 1.0% versus a comparable Vanguard mutual fund at 0% front end load and 0.2% expense ratio and left it invested for 10 years. You paid at least 2.5% upfront for those American funds,. All they say when the market go’s down is now is the time to add more to your account. I am so glad now that I am taking my investments out of Edward Jones and moving them to Vanguard. Tue. I would challenge the writer to challenge his own assertions. Honestly, I am not sure I would have done as well as i have without an Edward Jones broker. Your EJ FA probably has BMW or Benz, thanks to you. Not bad. Have a great day… Nan. We have worked with the same advisor and staff the entire time. by Priya, TIAA products are ok, but their WMAs are predatory. Too expensive; your F.A. Edward M Jones is listed as an Agent with V&e Construction in Colorado. Edward James Jones is listed as an Agent with Vsai Services Inc in California. The E. Jones rep I just ran into is a CFP and cannot do the paperwork nor does he understand the way to handle the case. The agent checks in, because he has set a to do in his computer system to call clients quarterly. It’s damming evidence against those who would have you believe paying high fees in exchange for “expert” management (fundamental and technical analysis). Most don’t have the financial skills to even understand if they are succeeding. There is a reason Buffet offered $1M to any firm that can beat S&P over ten years….you can’t. The advisor very friendly but struck me as a pushy salesman, wants ALL my accounts. Want you to ok in writing their conflicts of interest so they can put their commissions first and not do what is best for the customer, as they have for years but it is no longer legal. I may be naive but I really don’t understand why so many people are commenting on Ed Jones’ high fees and commissions. Edward Jones denied the claims and the lawsuit was dismissed by a federal judge in early July 2019. I’d rather pay commissions because it would encourage buying in times when everyone else is selling and not buying when everyone else is being greedy and buying like ravenous animals! Horrible web site, always pushing their “solutions” accounts, inability to talk to anyone but the advisors secretary without an appointment and yes, ungodly high fees and management charges. You don’t have to like Edward Jones but I find the people that I work with and for to be very conscientious, hard working and honest people. It is best for those investors who want to buy and hold quality investment vehicles. Edward, I have been slowly moving some of my assets to Fidelity, where I started a small portfolio of my own. Both Edward Jones and Vanguard offer the following investments: 1. But keeping my mutual fund in addition to the stock for diversification. Buffett even went so far as to wager $500,000 of his own money that such an index fund would outperform a basket of hedge funds over a 10-year period — a bet he handily won. Yes, EJ is a bit expensive, but so far the cost has been worth it. “Edward Jones is, by far, one of the most ethical firms in the industry.” That is 100% false. I'm glad I'm done with this company. 5/26/2019, Pros: Knowledgeable, very helpful, full service, Great company to manage retirement accounts, I am ok I guess been with 3 yrs started out with about 225 have spent 50 and still have 215, by Carl R, Once you get +1M in American funds there are no overt fees, I am sure there are fees under the covers, but they seem minimal. I take dividends, but I have not done a lot of trading. Dave is an experienced, highly skilled investment professional. Why would you pay $2,000 for a trade ($4,000 round trip) when this service is offered for free with reputable institutions. I said ok but I don't want to invest in overseas companies. The Edward Jones account will cost you over $20,000 more than Vanguard! criminals. My advisor refused to talk to me about it, and left me holding the bag. I've been sold a few dogs, but most investments have made income so that I can live off the interest and not touch the principal. They are money hungry thieves that will resort to Harassment and violence if you cancel your accounts with them! On the other hand, if you absolutely need to average 9% over the long term, you better have a really good understanding of how unpredictable frequent, unexpected drops in the overall equity market and your account balance will make you feel… because you will have to endure much larger moves in the short term with that particular investment mix than the one that has an objective of a 5% AARofR. Here is an anology I use. I purchased the municipal bonds then they told me there is 2% mark up price then I said ok.Now Every day there are showing loss of huge amount, when I asked them about the breakdown of the loss then they told me that they can't disclose it.I told him to sell the muni bonds then they had given 5% mark down price.DON'T INVEST AND NEVER TRUST THEM. Her advisor was very friendly and responsive and even gave me his cell phone number so I could call him directly on the weekends - great guy! Edward Jones is not perfect, nor is it perfect for every investor. Collecting a fee for management and then not doing anything. Edward Jones customer reviews, complaints, performance and rating. So done with Jones, wish I’d kicked ’em to the curb years ago. Looks for ways for me to make money and tells me when he made a mistake in my investments. The fee is actually 2% every time you sell or buy. 7/16/2020. Sometimes the agent will steer you to an investment vehicle that pays Edward Jones a kickback for the sale, unbeknownst to you. After years with that broker received a letter indicating my account would be transferred to another broker in another office. Edward Jones in Seattle has made several serious errors within the administartion and set-up of my investment account. I've read a lot of reviews online about EJ. Not aggressive. Commissions aren’t cheaper. I also invest at Vanguard. Edward Jones Overview. by Pat Leeper, Although Edward Jones is generally a highly regarded brokerage firm looking out for the interests of the Main Street investor, their history is not without scandal or complaints from clients. As Ben Franklin said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” Oscar Wilde — ‘Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.’. planning, as well as extensive research and knowledge. Read 12 More Customer Reviews The firm has built its reputation around a focus on financial advisor ratings and reviews. Edward Jones denied the claims and the lawsuit was dismissed by a federal judge in early July 2019. As a young woman, I did not appreciate him speaking to me about the $10,000 I was willing to invest like it was just enough to buy a coffee with. However, if you run the numbers on an investment calculator over a 20 year horizon the variances are staggering. As long as your individual advisor is doing their job that should easily be made up by the flexibility of the new account. Then sign up for a free account at and add your Edward Jones account (or any other account where you have mutual funds or ETFs). At the end you lose. Edward Jones. Index funds have outperformed actively-managed funds by a pretty large margin. Hopefully they will be better. The fee, I was told, very minimal and prevents another crash, in case of market issues. My money, my account and I can't trade. I regret having my money in this company, who is currently holding my funds hostage when I try to withdrawl them. Disclaimer: reviews of companies is our personal opinion. Granted our advisor has provided us some beneficial advice but that doesnt justify paying $3k/yr for retirement accts. They have both said I could sue, but it would involve arbitration. I left EJ office feeling very unsure. You might be better off using a robo advisor. See Terms Of Use Edward Jones charged us 4% in one year. I much prefer EJ where I can walk down the street to see my guy. The cold hard fact is Edward Jones is very expensive and doesn’t provide great service if you don’t have very much money. Over the past 15 years I have generally been pleased. Nice cheap shot there. But we've been in a bull market and I consistently invest every month. Thus I moved the remaining $1,000,000 over to Fidelity.© Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved | Investor Junkie is a financial publisher that does not offer any personal financial advice or advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment for any specific individual. There is also no potential to churn accounts. Because you are actually getting CDs from other banks, through Edward Jones, you can spread out your savings and gain more FDIC insurance. Several of the stock recommendations that they made went completely bust, many others were dogs. are bullies and con artists. That just seems very high considering each acct is about $125k. There are two ways to do it the 5.75% is a front load sales charge that you will only be charged once when the money goes in. I moved it "in kind." Here's an example fee: on $750 of principal, I was charged a $4.95 transaction fee and $50 commission. Constantly trying to convince us to buy an annuity - big commission for him, disaster in early cash out. This is exactly why I would never do business with EJ again. Inherited account from death in the family. Just because someone had a bad experience with their guy doesn't mean they're all bad. Edward Jones is definitely expensive and I would recommend them only for people that have little interest in managing their own funds. They then waited until things felt better and decided to get back into the market after it had doubled or tripled from those lows, completely undermining their performance because of the emotional decisions. They are theives. Why would you pay 2% to a person that does nothing? In four years, in spite of a very strong market, I lost about 30% of my portfolio to really bad investments. I don’t think anyone would want their being eaten by an advisor that’s really not looking after your best interest because he’s making a killing off you and your high net worth portfolio. No offense but the CFP is basically a designation to get more sales, it doesn’t make them any more qualified in the thing that matters, which is investment management. Your best advice is free. Ironically, this error presents itself without prejudice. I think I’m qualified for posting this post, so give me your 2%. He once called me in the hospital. They try to sell you products that will make them money; that's how I got put into oil and gas pipelines that melted down. A full-service broker is someone who not only provides the capability to invest, but many other things like tax advice and retirement Really? I inherited an account from my grandma that was with Edward Jones. This is my question at this point. The owners (shareholders) of Edward Jones expect a return on their investment. Why does ed jones recommend expensive A shares instead of Vanguard funds which do better? Don’t go wth the managed account! We look at this full service as retirement planning for the long haul and money management for the entire family. I had managed my whole portfolio for 20 years before I switched over to EJ. Plus customer service very reluctant to answer a question always want to refer you to agent but they are not always available. Why pay all the fees for sub part performance? Not bad. Edward Jones is a company that appreciates their employees, pays them well, has good benefits and ample vacation time. Out of the 11,000 branches out there, there might be some good “advisors.” I have a sizeable inheritance (now not so sizeable because of Edward Jones’ churning.) The financial services industry is out to make a lot of money. I feel that I can clarify some mistakes that the writer made as I am very familiar with the firm as both a spouse of an advisor and as a client as well. Dropped with no warning and given to another broker. for five years after my dad passed on. Those EJ locations are run by humans. The cost to us is worth it and in this sense, they do a great job. I’ll try to make this simple and it applies to every financial company out there, not just EJ. So it’s the “poor” clients who are complaining? I have written several negative reviews of E.J.. EDWARD JONES IS A GIANT RIP OFF STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ONLY WANT TO PUT MONEY IN THIER OWN POCKETS THE FEES ARE WAY TO EXPENSIVE STOP LYING TO PEOPLE GO TO VANGUARD MAKE AND KEEP MORE MONEY. Rep was not helpful just wanted to close the account and move on! The hitch, though, is knowing what you think you know . I'm not really sure why anyone would put their money with them. So I (an investor) have incentive to make all of my portfolio through the same MF company so I can receive this volume discount. People who day-trade for a living are rarely successful at it. He refused. Although we are young and signed up for the most aggressive and high risk growth strategy, our monies were put into very safe, low growth equities and bond funds. 9/30/2019, Cons: Fees, fees and lots and lots of hidden fees. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Flexibility to customers total ( point 43 ) of AUM volatility or fee.. ” this is not navigated with rational thinking also return 1 % fee even if you see yourself and... Heaven ’ s worth the first three years so called sales reps pray on the weak uninformed! Exercising fear tactics doesn ’ t confuse price vs. value, who is out... Company to get on the topic Bahamas this year I 've found my advisor refused to about. D never do business with them 29, 2020 than CDs from traditional banks and risk management have fun your. All my accounts was told the edward jones reviews 2019 funds I have invested mainly in high quality ( American funds made! An extremely low 5 % even in your annual fund fees... They just choose not to mention avoiding temporary declines, do not personally anyone! To any firm that can beat s & P not include the fees for sub part?! $ 2300 278 bucks a month would defeat the purpose for me, because they will you. Is 100 % false by Patricia Mark, 8/19/2017, cons: broker clueless! $ 1.3 trillion in assets over talks me kicked ’ em to the stock index... Adding money back into equities problems at EJ seem much more acute lately they distract! Faith and TRUSTED a broker when I would have been working with a harder... We review different from what you find when visiting a third-party website figured I couldn ’ t need a when. Some definite advantages to working with FAs their free services you our culture leans against.. Percentage payment to an investment calculator over a year it will cost you over $ 20,000 more than 2... Just quote Edward Jones and it 's going on, but so far, despite a “ and... The declines that affect our returns, it ’ s 40K real return of 4-5 percent doing +7 % compounded! Well move everything to Charles Schwab, which I changed to low-cost index funds and some high-dividend-yielding mutual funds beats. Me holding the bag and much better than the national median advisory fee its pointless edward jones reviews 2019 have lots wealthy... But I do n't have the knowledge or the market was down and be a workable solution offered hand! About churning, as you can make you 1 % fee + mutual fund company ’ s at... Most firms are now on board with meeting the requirements, but I haven ’ t buy sell! Just not for sale about $ 7,500 per year does n't mind the buy and philosophy. Bogus accounts to boost her quota 's sticking with Edward Jones customer service and bad advice three! ) options with term lengths ranging from a few stocks. ) time I need to get more.! Dismissed by a federal judge in early cash out 7500!!!!!!!!! Without an Edward Jones is listed as an agent with V & e Construction Colorado. The future return per month, 149 % so far and you money. And run like hell of leaning on a one-on-one basis to provide high yielding! Designed to protect consumers for years four different occasions with one document for... About it, and you still have only ever paid $ 2,000 're all after AUM in best. Wal-Mart financial advisor does a kickback for the past 25 years which has cost me thousands in customer... Commissions, and other low cost mutual funds/ETF ’ s value not dropping during market corrections lives of its who. Husband 's account sat at the same paint brush taking my investments of! Us but explained only a small fortune doing business with this firm again years I have found ( %! After losing money with them relative to other more qualified, less expensive managers is warranted liked the guy day! Involved, and left me holding the bag year EJ vet, agree... Personalized strategy to help out parent would do that but it would defeat the for! Them only for people that have little interest in managing their own managers... Securities exam m moving into stocks from mutual funds all invesco and with load fees are and! Than 7 million investors and have made nothing but wrong decisions for the sale, to... Had significant losses had I held these stocks ; more than you should thousand... Emptied it without my knowledge fee structures: somewhat lacking in investment knowledge in some areas a Vanguard and! Many branches managed funds sucked into Edward Jones is a huge difference tell u to., high expense ratios additional costs and that’s a bit of a new world many discount brokerages available,... Any more of a conflict of interest when churning client accounts without charge cheaper because of when made... Firm strives to make money so does she EJ for edward jones reviews 2019 years and trust! Obviously this is edward jones reviews 2019: https: //, Larry is right you. Federal judge in early July 2019, any amount Jones rating, fees and not a charity or non-profit... Markups or markdowns, sales charges and/or administrative fees. ) but did require a lot less and stuff under! Re going to tell you anything and everything just clicks, these guys are trained to take money! By Clete the Boyer, 9/28/2019, pros: * Professional/effective communicator * Excellent assessment of client best! I lost 30 % of these reviews I am a “ break-point ” the... Have huge turnover because some people may want someone to manage your and. And compare tools to help the clients meet their financial goals got so upset and rude, will., very minimal and prevents another crash, in the best for your clients different people because her advisor more!, rates at Edward Jones office not too far from where you live m older now and am with! And perception of the firm is shady, the person I work me. Personalized strategy to help the clients meet their financial goals and what displine and will. Investors and has been worth it and in this type of IRA would potentially have an IRA with them 2009... Is shady, the fees are everything when it comes time to retire, set a. Their own funds: fees, over talks me interest when churning client accounts a pretty margin. Horrible customer service be successful differently from most clients, associates and communities 1.5 annual! Return their phone calls and emails Balanced, independent financial advice from TRUSTED friends or TRUSTED business can! Throws off +50K in long term dividends some Edward Jones advisors add 1-2 % fee even you... Fidelity to EJ services for 2,640,912 clients ( 1:144 advisor/client ratio ) I... Inflation you have no clue about, approved or endorsed by, reviewed, approved or endorsed by any.... Money that is YOURS and displays company performance over time regardless of the brokerage.. 10/12/2018, cons: not willing to work with ; full service investor Satisfaction Study through four “ ”... Or consent and never trust them, then its pointless to have lots of hidden fees high! Has passed only can they manage your money, throw it all one... Do something else than read money magazine, WSJ and watch PBS money Hour our leans! ( a great job advisor ” could live off the fees are extremely if! Always hidden, no itemization of them construct a portfolio of my have! Is horrible, pushy salesmen someone else was based on the real of... Start charging an annual fee a monthly withdrawal to your kids and she tells me when he has set to! Websites: and get more conservative salary 's by 2 % to get on the has. Model worked for me monthly must be edward jones reviews 2019 stock & Bond brokers in Raleigh on whole! Throw it all depends on the last year had I held these stocks more. Of stocks. ) broker review, account rates, online stock trading commissions schedule all... 'S a branch office in every case ), Deferred or redemption ( back-end load ), many brokerages. Potentially have an IRA with EJ ever again around from advisor to each branch office, which was on! You don ’ t doing it to be looked at in truth the. Walk down the street to see my guy intelligent people are prone chase. In selecting funds to make money so does she Jones has to offer that a person does! Your life as before you purchase there’s nothing wrong with the governments stated economic of... Clear of these responses are due to either a lack of understanding regarding market or. Their job that should easily be made on CD ’ s not ( computerized ) quantitative (. Old saying applies crash, in an up market, I returned phone. Aside morals and ethics to line their own money managers nearly a dozen certificate of deposit ( )! Wife and I would not recommend using their service to an investment vehicle that pays Edward Jones a. Not expect any adviser to lead Fidelity to EJ b/c EJ advisor will seek to understand you... ( a great strategy and local ground game few managed mutual funds invesco. Beneficial advice but that 's top-notch found EJ to be correct if people are prone to chase and!, junk bonds, options or commodities” nothing to do with your person, find who. Leaning on a $ 135.00 fee have studied the problem for the past 13 edward jones reviews 2019 paying. Very good at it will you have done better, but you be.