Guide to Library; Library Schedule; OPAC (search for books) Academic Programs. Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science / Faculty of Science, Kobe University 1-1 Rokkodai, Nada-ku, Kobe, 657 … Specialized Fields. The campus is located on the mountainside with a beautiful view of the city and Kobe Bay. Especially focus on following issues. Through education in the undergraduate faculty and the graduate school, advanced medical care specialists with high-level knowledge and techniques and researchers with a comprehensive, … The Faculty of Agriculture consists of three Departments of Agricultural Engineering and Socio-Economics, Bioresources Science, and Agrobioscience. Publications 84. Faculty . Contact. 10 Oct, 2020: NTU Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers updated with Kobe University in position 471. About. Department of Law (2020 enrollment limit: 450 students) Established in 1967; The department consists of the three courses of legal professional, government and corporate law and students are able to choose their area of learning according to their future aspirations. Faculty; Chieko Minami; Doctor of Commerce (Kobe University) Title. Faculty of Law / Department of Law. Faculty List | Graduate School of System Informatics, Kobe University. Marketing, Distribution Systems. 84. Kobe University has one of the oldest economics faculties in Japan and is among the top 10 in this field. Kobe University established the Graduate School of Health Sciences to develop educators, researchers and advanced medical care professionals who can create and implement new science in healthcare. Past placement records can be found here. WWW Catalog for Mathematicians Seminars at Dept. Department of Product and Interior DesignFourth-year students / Graduation Research. Fields of Interest. Faculty of Global Human Sciences / Department of Child Education. Faculty; Academic Year 2020. Konan University (甲南大学, Kōnan Daigaku) is a university on the slopes of Mount Rokkō in Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Japan.A private university with approximately 10,000 students, it offers a wide variety of programs to Japanese students, as well as an international exchange program through the Konan International Exchange Center HOME > Seminars & Publications. My research field is covering transport (land passenger transport industries) and other regulated network industries based on economic and management approaches. Department of Physics. 2016/4/6 The new school term has started. The Faculty of Law. Strategic Entrepreneurship (headed by Prof. K. Kutsuna) Sustainability Alliance Management (headed by Prof. K. Kokubu) Strategic Management (headed by Prof. C. Minami) Strategic Entrepreneurship (headed by Prof. K. Kutsuna) Kenji Kutsuna Area Director – Strategic Entrepreneurship. Our institution occupies a prestigious position in education and research in economics in Japan. The official website of Faculty of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University. Reads . 10 Oct, 2020: NTU ranking published most recent results of NTU Asia. Faculty of Economics / Department of Economics. Management. It comprises 14 graduate schools and 11 undergraduate faculties, and holds about 16,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. About. of Math., Kobe Univ. Network. Kobe University is one of the oldest and largest national universities in Japan, as well as one of the highest ranking national universities in the country. Biotechnology and Environmental Technology. Network. Specialized Fields. Top Page. About. Faculty of Law. Kobe University achieves position 99. MATSUDA Tsuyoshi, Ph.D. (Professor) Mail:tmatsuda[AT] Below is a list of job candidatees in 2019. The institution welcomes overseas students, which accounted for a total of 1,303 students, … 9 Chome-1 Gakuen Higashimachi, Nishi-ku, Kōbe-shi, Hyōgo-ken 651-2187, Japan. Faculty of Economics, Kobe University, is founded in 1902, the second oldest faculty of national university in the field of economics. Job Candidates 2019. About. Fields of Interest . The University has a good range of English-language courses. 19. Faculty of Global Human Sciences / Department of Environment and Sustainability . Faculty; Fumitoshi Mizutani; Ph.D.(Harvard University) Title. Von 12. bis 22. Faculty of Global Human Sciences / Department of Human Development and Community. You are here: Home; Search: "Faculty of Economics, Kobe University" Professor of Marketing. About KCUFS; History; Life at KCUFS; Schedule; Library. Faculty of Maritime Sciences. Projects 2. Publications. Publications 19. message to prospective and current students; Faculty, Staff and Students; Center for Integrable Systems/WWW; KAN, OpenXM, Risa/Asir: Computer algebra projects Publications; Travel guide to our department in English or in Japanese. Fields of Interest. Initially offering a single course of study in the Faculty of Nutrition for 100 students, the university now contains nine faculties and seven graduate schools, and has expanded to two campuses. Professor of Statistics. The official website of Faculty of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University. Doctor of Commerce(Osaka City University) URLTitleProfessor of Entrepreneurial FinanceSpecialized FieldsEntrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Family BusinessFields of InterestEntrepreneurial Finance, Entre Faculty; Page Top. Publications. Teaching Staff - Graduate School of Agricultural Science , Faculty of Agriculture Kobe University Reads . Bayesian Statistics, Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods. Kobe Gakuin University was founded in 1966 with Shigeki Mori as its first president. Department of Image ArtsSecond-year students / Basic of Generative Art. Faculty Members ※Please change [AT] to @. KOBE DESIGN UNIVERSITY. Division of Human Cultural Studies Philosophy. Research. All Rights Reserved. EDUCULT wurde mit der Programmierung und Organisation der Summer Academy beauftragt und bietet den angehenden Kulturmanager*innen praxisnahe Inhalte anhand einer vielfältigen Auswahl an Referent*innen und Institutionsbesuchen. Kobe University. Statistics, Econometrics. 7,873. Kobe University Economic Review; Discussion Paper; Job Candidates. Welcome to the Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University. Relationship Marketing, CRM, Business Marketing, Service Innovation. Department of architecture, Kobe University aims to produce talent who can correspond synthetically to contemporary architectural challenges by educating with specialty and synthesis. Faculty; Kazuhiko Kakamu; Doctor of Economics (Osaka University) Title. Impact of ownership structure and … 16 Sep, 2020: RUR Ranking Agency (Moscow, Russia) published most recent results of RUR Reputation Ranking.