NAMIWalks NAMI San Joaquin County

NAMIWalks 2022 - Thank You for Your Support

NAMI SJC is grateful for the six team captains (Larry Crain, Edna Ealey, Jenny Bayardo, Marie Flexer-Parker, Alexandra Queen, & Kazuko Saruwatari) and the 21 team members who participated in the 2022 NAMIWalks Your Way Northern California which took placed on May 7, 2022. Special San Joaquin County recognition goes to the following:
Top Fundraiser           -Edna Ealey              Top Donor                -Laura Gwyn
Top Team                  -Team Terry              Top Team Donor       -Tosh Saruwatari
Top Team Member      -Lan Saruwatari        Top Sponsor             -Valley Strong Credit Union
Thank you to the 139 donors especially those who donated to multiple individuals. So far, we have fundraised $15,565. A portion of the funds raised will be used to support educational classes and support groups. Donations are being accepted until 7-8-2022. You have until 6-4-2022 to earn your recognition gift. Thank you for coming together to support the individuals and families dealing with mental health conditions.


                                                 Top Sponsor



                                            Team Terry (Top SJC Team) 

                                                          large_Screenshot 2022-05-31 095548_0.png
                                      Top Row: Vanessa Roderick, Miles Saruwatari, Lan Saruwatari.
                          Bottom Row: Cindy Morishige, Becky Gould, Kaz Saruwatari, Tosh Saruwatari.


                   Top SJC Fundraiser                    Top SJC Team Member

                           medium_edna.jpg                                       lan.jpg                                 
                                Edna Ealey                                              Lan Saruwatari