These pumpkin painting ideas are trending—and now you'll know why! Are you a massive Disney fanatic absolutely any time of year? Pumpkin Painting Ideas & Tips. To paint this pumpkin, adhere the leaf stencil to the pumpkin and pounce the inside of the stencil with white craft paint. We love the way Birshykat painted little while polka dots around the edges of their stripes and circles to get just the effect we mean. They even give you a bonus Harry Potter inspired design! Cover the stem of your pumpkin with tape or foil to … Let it dry, then dip a craft sponge in the gold paint and dab onto the pumpkin's painted surface to create an effortless marbling effect. Glitter Pumpkin Ideas. Your email address will not be published. As Halloween draws near, spooky decor might be on your mind. Want to advertise with us? Painted pumpkins have it all: they’re super stylish, fun for adults and kiddos, require zero knife skills, and don’t require sticking your hand in gourd guts. HOW TO PAINT PUMPKINS BY HOME STORIES A TO Z. These no-carve pumpkin ideas will help your pumpkins last longer, too. Pumpkin Painting Ideas | Dollar Tree DIY Pumpkin Designs. We've gathered our best pumpkin painting ideas, and they couldn't be cuter. Visit My Modern Met Media. Then maybe this lovely painting of Pride Rock from The Lion King will stir up some inspiration in you! Come Home Disney shows you how they used simple shapes and silhouette ideas to recreate one of their favourite recognizable moments from the film on the surface of a pumpkin. Craft supplies you will need for your pumpkin painting party. We love the idea of getting practice our hand painting and artistic skills in a seasonal way that’ll give us some bonus décor! This seems almost too simple to put as a step, but select your paint colors and paint … Add a fun jack-o-lantern face and you can add them to your Halloween painted rock collection. But they are done by either the experts or someone who is experienced in this type of paintings. Decorate the body with adhesive-felt dots, and denote the head with a pair of googly eyes and curled pipe cleaner antennae. We like that this idea gives you free license to practice either working with stencils or perfecting your freehand lettering. Get a large pumpkin and use it as your canvas. We think they might have more fun if you help them pick a movie or cartoon and recreate a character they love! From cleaning out the seeds to using sharp utensils, there are a few reasons to avoid the activity. Just in case you’re still laughing over how much fun the idea of painting character pumpkins sounds but you’re not quite settled on any of the ideas we’ve shown you yet, here’s another adorable design from another classic kids’ movie! Painted pumpkins are an easy way to create stylish pumpkin decor. To paint this pumpkin, coat the entire surface in white. Receive our Weekly Newsletter. Enjoy these super creative pumpkin painting ideas and other no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas! You will need to remove two stems off of the two bottom pumpkins. Once again, it’s pumpkin season! Image Source: If you’re going to start getting into awesome pop culture designs with your pumpkin painting then there are innumerable awesome design ideas at your disposal! This seems almost too simple to put as a step, but select your paint colors and paint … View Gallery 47 Photos Mike Garten. Scroll down for creative and easy pumpkin painting ideas. Let kids be kids says. Step 2 Wrap the pumpkin with gauze for small and spooky mummies. Painted pumpkins have it all: they’re super stylish, fun for adults and kiddos, require zero knife skills, and don’t require sticking your hand in gourd guts. I always look for new ideas as I love painting pumpkins myself. We love the way they created freehand patterns with a dotting paintbrush technique and added big rhinestones in the middle for a little extra sparkle. We can’t get enough of this cute Monsters Inc pumpkin design from New Jersey Family. If the pumpkins in the stores do not fit your … Paint is an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration. Are you still quite intrigued by the idea of polka dots and dotted patterns but you’d rather get a little more creative with your colours and designs than just blocked out shapes and black and white colour schemes? Glowing in the Dark – Jack Skellingon Idea. Repeat this method until the pumpkin's entire rounded surface is covered in leaves. Looking for affordable, hassle-free pumpkin decorating ideas? It’s pretty straightforward in use, but you can still get more options out of it. See more ideas about Pumpkin decorating, Halloween pumpkins, Painted pumpkins. Just because you aren’t carving your pumpkins, doesn’t … We actually find black paint on an orange pumpkin quite versatile for the whole season up until you start decorating for Christmas as long as there’s some white in there to visually break things up a little and give things some contrast. Hands-On Toddler Pumpkin Painting {Super Easy} October means pumpkins where we live, and as soon as we add them to our classroom environment the children are so excited! Remove the stem and top layer for an opening before painting. If you’re going to paint a pumpkin, are you looking for an idea that really lets you get creative with your paint? So to say I was thrilled when my kids decided to try an alternative to carving is an understatement! Then we think you should check out these adorable funny-face pumpkins instead. Pumpkin Painting Ideas: Our Favourites 1. 20 Best No Carve Pumpkin Ideas & Pumpkin Painting Ideas this Halloween. Then we have a feeling you’re going to think that we saved the best for last! Wrap your little kid in smocks and serve up a tray of finger paints. 20+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas That Are Creative Alternatives to Conventional Carving. If you’re ready to have the most unique Halloween decorations on the block this year, scroll through for some cute pumpkin painting ideas. We’ve done lots of pumpkin painting activities, including a color mixing activity and painting pumpkin shapes inside a plastic bag (seriously fun! I hosted a fun Halloween Pumpkin Painting Party for the neighborhood kids! Right up until the snow starts to fall in December and the ground freezes up cold enough that we can’t display them anymore, you’ll find us trying fantastic pumpkin painting ideas all autumn long! Find out how by becoming a Patron. Then we’d suggest taking a look at this cute painted monogram idea from Amanda Jane Brown! Painting pumpkins and using craft materials to decorate your jack-o-lantern, is a fun way to turn your average pumpkin into a Halloween masterpiece. Painted pumpkins are so much fun to create. They’re our absolute favourite seasonal thing and we love getting as much done with them as we can before the season ends for another year. By Sara Barnes on October 6, 2020 . Halloween is one of our favorite holidays for a lot of reasons—from the costumes and candy to the many opportunities for a DIY project.While carving jack-o-lanterns is a time-honored tradition, simple no-carve pumpkin ideas have been growing in popularity each year. Celebrating creativity and promoting a positive culture by spotlighting the best sides of humanity—from the lighthearted and fun to the thought-provoking and enlightening. We provided the pumpkins for our guests and charged a $10 supply fee to cover the pumpkins and paint. :-) Most of these are found on Instagram (no instructions) so if you have an awesome pumpkin idea tag me @crafty_morning so I can add it to this post!